Friday, April 13, 2012

Blue Sky

Since arriving here in early 2007, we'd been hoping to find a good Chinese restaurant here in Corvallis. Most we'd tried were acceptable, but only that.

Early in February Kathy had lunch at Blue Sky and was pleased with the food and service, so we had dinner there the following Saturday.

Located at the northeast corner of the strip mall anchored by Bi Mart on Philomath Boulevard, the interior is restrained and not burdened with the over-the-top faux Chinese decor that typifies many such establishments.

We arrived at 7:40pm and were seated a couple of minutes later. We gave our orders at 7:47. Our appetizers arrived at 7:53 and were served hot. We'd ordered Crab Rangoon, which was flaky and crisp and had a good, consistently smooth filling, and a pork filled steamed bun, which was also good, being neither too gooey nor too dry.

Our entrées arrived at 8:00. Kathy had ordered a mushroom and beef dish. The vegetables in this were fresh and the beef good, though the seasoning was a little milder than she would have liked. She also would have liked more snow peas.

I've encountered a couple of reviews of Blue Sky that criticized the vegetables-to-meat ratio (as in, not enough of the latter). Perhaps they've over reacted to this; there was more than enough beef, and not enough of the tasty snow peas.

Likewise my Mongolian Beef had a good ratio of meat to onions. The beef had a very pure flavor, almost steak like, and the seasoning was spot on (at least for me).

All in all we were quite pleased with the food and service. It's not the best oriental restaurant we've visited (that was in San Francisco), but definitely the best in Corvallis, and it's probably going to be our go-to choice.

Blue Sky also offers take-out and delivery. (541) 752-7528

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